Ireland's historic opportunity

7 minute read
Published 26/05/2023

Why Ireland Is the Next Global Finance Hub

7 minute read
Published 22/05/2023

Labour Market Pulse

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Published 26/03/2023

Four predictions shaping medtech companies in 2023

Across the value chain, medtech and digital healthcare companies are experiencing tremendous disruption as they balance new opportunities for innovation and growth with the truly humanized need for improved patient care.
7 minute read
Published 26/10/2022

Five tips from 5 VPs on scaling internationally

The San Francisco Bay Area is preparing for SaaStr 2022, a conference which attracts 50,000 SaaS executives, founders and VCs from around the world.
6 minute read
Published 14/09/2022

Get Smarter

Smart buildings don't just create more comfortable, safe and productive environments, they also save money. Innovation Ireland Review talks to Joe Walsh at Siemens to find out why intelligent buildings are a smart idea.
4 minute read
Published 31/08/2022

We Can Rebuild You

Study by scientists at RCSI and Amber working in partnership with Integra Lifesciences has focused on improving nerve repair treatments to relieve the current reliance on grafted nerves. Researchers in Ireland have now announced a nerve repair treatment designed to mimic the body's own healing process. Jennifer McShane speaks to Professor of Bioengineering and Regenerative Medicine, Fergal O’Brien about the breakthrough.
5 minute read
Published 30/08/2022